"Australian Sensation 'Infamous' Circus Show Astounds Audiences in Savannah"

Written and Photos by Lyle Dillie

The highly anticipated Infamous circus show, originally hailing from Australia, is currently captivating audiences in Savannah, Georgia. Conceived by the imaginative mind of Joseph “Pepe” Ashton, this production took flight in 2017, transitioning from a traditional family circus to an awe-inspiring, adult-themed, Las Vegas-style spectacle. 

Set within the grand Spiegel big top, this cabaret circus boasts an irresistible allure.

Merrik Ashton, son of Joseph "Peppy" Ashton soaring thru the air!

Bekki Ashton, a sixth-generation Australian circus star, proudly elaborates on their journey, spanning from Western Australia’s Perth to the far reaches of the east coast, encompassing South Australia, Far North Queensland, Darwin, and the Northern Territory. “We’ve essentially made our way here,” she explains.

Featuring a dizzying array of captivating acts, including the daring wheel of death and breathtaking aerial performances, Infamous offers a unique twist that leaves audiences craning their necks in amazement. In a departure from the conventional setup, they have crafted an intimate experience by providing seating right on the stage itself.

Dante Ashton, daughter of Bekki Ashton with Mimi Le Noire

Merrik Ashton and Jansen Grant on the Wheel of Death!

” My children are seventh generation,” Bekki continues with pride. “My granddaughter is eighth generation. Our family goes back to 1850. That’s when James Henry Ashton was first licensed to operate. We’ve been operating a circus through all these years, only stopping for World Wars and pandemics”

Simon, one of Infamous’ performers, affirms the esteemed reputation of the Ashton family, not only within Australia but also among those acquainted with the circus world. “For over 200 years, the Ashtons have been synonymous with circus royalty,” he explains, emphasizing their enduring legacy.

Dancey Rae as Marilyn Monroe

Merrik Ashton, unbelievably, juggling with a unicycle on a slackwire!

If you find yourself in Savannah, Georgia, seize the opportunity to witness this extraordinary show behind the Oglethorpe Mall. However, time is of the essence, as the remaining shows are limited to May 26, 27, and 28, all starting at 7:30 PM.

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